About Us

MMA Consultancy Ltd are the number 1 Mixed Martial Arts consultancy firm in the UK.

Our team of experienced professionals can assist any organisation or individual wishing to be involved in this growing industry. We can provide a tailored package of services dependant on your needs. From simply sourcing ring girls and officials right up to creating and managing an entire event, MMA Consultancy can provide the results drawing on years of experience and a network of contacts that is second to none.

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Based in the North of England we work on the majority of the Northern shows but also travel as far as Portsmouth, South Wales and Edinburgh to work with promoters. We are happy to help and work with any like-minded promotion. Recently the team have worked with the England M1 team as they have travelled to Japan, the US and Russia as well as Europe.

MMA Consultancy – The Future

With the growth of MMA it has been even more important for us to work together with other organizations to improve the quality and effectiveness of shows and especially help improve safety as the sport is more and more in the media spotlight. One of our goals is not just to help increase the quality of shows but also the profile of the sport in the North of England and beyond.