MMA Corner Teams

We have experienced corner teams who can work instructions, hand bandages, warm ups and professional hand wraps.

The team have worked in Russia, Japan, America and all around Europe as well as in the UK and can match the strict rules and regulations of the American Athletic Commissions.

Most recently the team has been involved with the first M1 England Fight Team.

Helping in the corner and coaching to get the team into the top 4 countries in the world in ‘The World Cup of Mixed Martial Arts’.

The team has worked with experienced boxing corner men and medical officials to develop the skills required to aid the fighter in times of distress, limit the damage and effect of cuts and ensure the corner can help determine the result for fighters at any level.

Mental development skills are also used to get fighters into the right state of mind.

We at MMA Consultancy Ltd have a service we can provide to professional fighters who require an experienced and focussed corner team. Get in touch via the front page for more information and availability.