Fighting Fit

Fighting Fit Training is partly owned by MMA Consultancy and is committed to providing the highest levels of training to individuals with specific needs within a variety of different fields. From Personal/ Group Fitness Training to seminars of Self defence or training in the National Health Service on Self Protection and Conflict Management.

A team of trained staff will be chosen who fit the particular area and field. Skills taught are:


  1. Personal Training:
  2. Private lessons: One to One training with top coaches in stand up, clinch, ground and self defence
  3. Group training: Training in all areas of MMA/ Hand to hand combat and fitness for groups of 2 to 30. Info on application.

Group Seminars:

  1. Conflict Management Training
  2. Self Defence for Women
  3. Self Protection/ Self Defence for the Public

Get in touch through the contact page for more information.